Top 30 Tourist Places of Bangladesh

Top 30 Tourist Places of Bangladesh


Top 30 Tourist Places of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of amazing natural beauty and there are no bounds of her prettiness which has glorified by the blessing of nature. therefore, in a small country like Bangladesh, there are lots of Tourist Places that can be said as a tourist destination, from them, Top 30 Tourist Places of Bangladesh are given below-


Sundarbans has declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO which is the largest Mangrove Forest situated between two countries. It is the kingdom of Royal Bengal tiger and you will find various kinds of species of birds, animals & plants and I think you should visit the tranquilizing beauty of Sundarbans once in your life.

2.Chittagong Hill Tracks:

Hills are always enchanting to the tourist and as a tourist, you should obviously visit Chittagong Hill Tracks once which is the home of many tribal and you can discover yourself in the amazing green view. Chittagong Hill Tracks is the best place for making an adventurous tour and for this you have to take permission from the authority.


The Capital of tea in Bangladesh is Srimagal which is situated in the north-eastern part of the country where you will find lush greenery fields all around. It is one of the best places in Bangladesh where you can really have the place & clam environment and there are two more visiting places too, Lawachhara National Park & Hamham Waterfalls.


The District of Chittagong Hill Tracks area in Rangamati, a place full of natural amusement and here, here, you can find a man-made lake surrounded by Hill called Kaptai Lake where you can take a ride by boat all over the day, a Buddhist Monastery here named Rajban Bihara, a high-quality handicrafts market made by the tribal of Rangamati.


Paharpur is the most impressive archeological site of Bangladesh which is known as Sompuri Maharabihara which has declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO and it is situated in the northwestern part of the country. In the initial period, it was the best Buddhist Monastery where people came for higher study from all over the world.

6.Lalbag Fort:

Lalbag Fort or Aurangabad is another most famous historical place in Bangladesh. It is situated beside the Buriganga River, in the southwestern part of Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was built by Mudmhammad Azam in 1678. Lalbag Fort represents the incomplete dream of the Mughal prince. The fort remained incomplete after the death of Prince Azam.  

7.Star Mosque:

It is a famous tourist attraction in old Dhaka. The mosque is fully decorated with a mosaic. People also use this mosque for regular praying. Non-muslims are also invited to this mosque outside of prayer time. It was designed by Mughal style and the motifs of stars are the main cause to call this mosque “Star Mosque”.

8.Ahsan Manzil:

Ahsan Manzil or the Pink Palace, the most meaningful architectural heritage, was built by Nawab Abdul Gani in 1872. This two-story building is now a museum displaying all kinds of objects of the owner of that time. So you can feel the lifestyle of the Nawabs of Bengal. It has 23 galleries displaying historical things.


Undoubtedly it is a great sign of natural beauty surrounded by hills and stones. For its natural beauty, it has become a popular tourist center in Bangladesh. It is situated at the Bangladesh-Sylhet border in Sylhet. In the rainy season it looks like the clouds hugging the mountains, so, winter is not a suitable season for visiting.


This place is situated at the Bangladesh-India border. It is one of the most attractive places in Bangladesh. It is also an adventurous place. It is a hilly area and you can enjoy the waterfall on the way of Jaflong to Sylhet. The hills of Jaflong are greenish with forest and there are many wild animals in the forest. Tea garden and zero points are the most beautiful spot of Jaflong.

11.Ratargul Swamp Forest:

Ratargul Swamp Forest is the only swamp forest in Bangladesh where you can enjoy different kinds of creatures here like monkey, eagle, insects, fish, birds, etc and this evergreen forest is located beside a river named Goain. You have to request and take permission from the forest office to arrange a boat to explore the forest. Monsoon is the best time to explore the forest.

12.Shahjalal Dargah:

The shahjalal Dargah is located on Sylhet. It is a holy place for Muslims. Non-muslim also visit as it is a historical place. This is a sacred place that you must visit. There are thousands of pigeons which are called Jalali Pigeons. Every year many people come here to visit and make a memory.


Lalakhal is the most attractive and wide canal in Sylhet. The specialty of this river is you can see different colors in this canal at a different point like blue, gree, clear water. You can enjoy boat riding, swimming or lying on the canal. You can also enjoy the charming beauty of the blue mountains from the top of the hill.  

14.Malnicherra Tea Garden:

Malnicherra tea garden is one of the oldest and largest tea gardens in the subcontinent. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the tea garden in Sylhet, you must have to visit Malnicherra. Though the tea garden is now under private supervision, it is known as a place of choice for tourists to have a quality time. Better you seek permission from the authority to avoid complications before entering the tea garden.

16.Inani Beach:

Inani beach is known as a wonderful beach for its corals which become green in summer and rainy season. The blue water, sunrise, and sunset will help you to make you a memorable trip. You can bath here without any fear of a shark. You can see here crab, snail, sea fish, and many more creatures. The view of hills here will also touch your mind.


Sitakundu is one of the oldest sites in Bangladesh. If you want to soothe your mind then definitely enjoy the natural and charming beauty of sitakundu. It is very famous for the Chandranath temple and Buddhist temples. Many waterfalls, mountains, and green rivers make the place heaven. If you are nature and adventure lover then you must visit this place.      

18.Nijhum Island:

 It is a small island under Hatiya Upazila situated in the Noakhali district. This island is idle for tourists during winter. In winter, you can see here thousands of migratory birds. You can see here deer of special species. 

19.Sajek Valley:

If you want to see the land of the cloud in Bangladesh then you have to visit the queen of hills, Sajek Valley. Visiting this place will fulfill your dream of walking through the clouds. This is the best tourist spot in Bangladesh. The experience of going to Sajek by zigzag road through the cloud is really great. It is also called the roof of Rangamati because it is surrounded by hills. The valley is 1800 feet above from the sea level. If you are lucky enough, you can enjoy three forms of nature in a day.     

20.Patenga Sea Beach:

If you want to get away from busy city life then you can visit Patenga Sea Beach to enjoy the Bay of Bengal and the charming sunset. You can enjoy a water drive or boat trip here. There are also other entertainment facilities like a bike ride, horse ride, kites, etc. But the beach is narrow so it is better not to swim here.

21.Mohasthan Garh:

Mohasthan Garh is the oldest city in Bengal. This place presents the glorious past of Pundranagar. The significant places of Mahasthangarh that you can visit our -Gobinda Vita, Gokul Medh, Bairagir Vita, Parasuramer Prasad, Mankalir Dhap, Bangla-French Exploration, Khulnar Dhap.  

22.Saat Gambuj Mosque:

 Saat Gambuj Mosque is one of the most dignified of the ancient Bengal and during the 15th century, it was known as the greatest congregational mosques of Khan Jahan Ali. The mosque contains a total of 81 domes including 70 domes on the prayer hall, 7 domes on the central corridor & 4 domes on the corner tower which are the best tourist attraction of Bagerhat

23.Foy’s Lake:

Foy’s Lake is a theme park situated on 320 acres of land which is really a man-made theme park located in picturesque settings encompassed by lake, hills & green forest. It’s a unique gateway to Chittagong and the amusement world has lots of attractions like- park rides, boat rides, landscapes, resorts, & restaurants.

24.Kuakata Sea Beach:

Kuakata Sea Beach is a panoramic sea beach with 30 kilometers of picturesque landscape located at Lotachapli, Kolapara, Patuakhali. It’s a unique beach where you can be witnessed of both sunrise & sunset, not only that you can enjoy the beauty of Jhauban which is covered by coconut trees.

25. Sonargaon:

 Sonargaon, known as the oldest capital of Bangladesh, is home to some of the old buildings. This place can attract you by its spanless beauty and by the relics of ancient Bengal. By visiting the Sonargaon Museum you can see things people used to use in their everyday life like furniture, ornaments, arms, boats, musical instruments, and many other things related to the heritage of Bengal. 

26.Chimbuk Hill:

Chimbuk Hill is the most adventurous tourist attraction of Bangladesh because climbing up on the hill you can feel like floating on the clouds and the hill is located only 26 kilometers away from the Bandarban Sadar. You can notice lots of hills furnishing like a wave of the sea in a zigzag row and observe the lifestyle of the tribal.


Mainamati is the finest archeological structure of the Comilla district which is mainly a ‘ War Cemetery’ surrounded by historical ruins and the main attractions of the place are- Shalban Bihar, Mainamati Museum, Lalmai Hill Ranges, Old Capital Sonargaon & Panama Nagar, so, I think you should visit this place with your family & friends.

28. St. Martin Island:

Martain island or Narikel Zinzira (in Bangla is located in northeastern of the Bay of Bengal. Although this is a small island, the place is beautiful enough to invigorate the minds of nature lovers. This is the only coral paradise of Bangladesh. The natural surrounding of this island made this place a heaven for a nature lover. The wonderful sunrise and sunset have no comparison.

29.Small Golden Mosque:

In Bangladesh, at the town of gaur tourist will find a beautiful mosque to visit that is a wonderful emblem of Sultanate architecture. It is located in Chapai Nawabganj of Bangladesh. The mosque looks like a small Rajmahal structured by black stone. For your photographic collection, you can visit and take pictures of this mosque.  

30.Cox’s Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar is one of the most popular tourist spot in Bangladesh which is situated in the most southern part and the largest (112 km) sea beach in the world. It is the best place to enjoy the scene of sunrise and sunset. The cool fresh air and peaceful weather on the shore will surely make you relaxed. So for a serene and relaxing vacation, this place is mostly recommended to the visitors.d

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Total War Rome II - Emperor Edition V | Big Box Software

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Total War Rome II is a procedure computer game created by The Creative Assembly and distributed by Sega. It was released on 03 September 2013, for Microsoft Windows as the eighth independent game in the Total War arrangement of computer games, and the replacement to the 2004 game Rome: Total War.
Rome II got for the most part positive audits from pundits, however experienced critical specialized issues upon discharge. Be that as it may, it demonstrated a business achievement, outperforming every single other game in the Total War arrangement in two deals and number of simultaneous players on its discharge day. In September 2014, an Emperor Edition was discharged, which included Mac OS X support and tended to many the specialized issues in the game, just as redesigned AI fights and overhauled certain visual components. It was offered as an independent version and a free move up to every current player.

Total War Rome II

Discharge Date: September 2, 2013

Types/Tags: Strategy, Real-time, Turn-based, 3D

Engineer: Creative Assembly

Distributor: Sega

Stage: PC [Repack]

Motor: in-house

Steam User Rating: 77% of client audits are certain (in view of 19,093 surveys)

Interface Language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Czech, Turkish

Sound Language: English

Split: worked in (CODEX)

The Least prerequisites:

Working System: Windows 7/Vista/XP

Processor: 2 GHz Intel Dual Core processor/2.6 GHz Intel Single Core processor, or AMD proportionate (with SSE2)

Smash: 2 GB

Video Card: 512 MB DirectX 9.0c good card (shade Model 3, vertex surface get support).

DirectX: 9.0c

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Absolute War: ROME II — Greek States Culture Pack

Total War: ROME II — Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack

Total War: ROME II — Seleucid Empire Faction Pack

Total War: ROME II — Blood and Gore

Total War: ROME II — Caesar in Gaul

Total War: ROME II — Baktria Faction

Total War: ROME II — Beasts of War

Total War: ROME II — Hannibal at the Gates

Total War: ROME II — Pirates and Raiders

Total War: ROME II — Daughters of Mars

Total War: ROME II — Black Sea Colonies Culture Pack

Total War: ROME II — Augustus Campaign Pack

Total War War: ROME II — Wrath of Sparta DLC

Total War: Rome II — Massilia Faction

Total War: ROME II — Empire Divided

Total War: ROME II — Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack

Mafia II Director's version | Big Box Software

Mafia II Director's version | Big Box Software

Mafia II Director's
Mafia II Director’s v. were a continuation of the criminal activity game Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, created in 2002, by the Czech studio Illusion Soft works. A similar improvement group is answerable for the formation of the game, which in 2008 after the takeover by Take-Two Interactive works under the new name 2K Czech.

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Game Info:
Title: Mafia II
Class: Action
Maker: 2K Czech/Illusion Soft works
Distributed: 2K Games
Arrangement: Mafia
Discharge date: August 24, 2010
Clean language
Adaptation: v. update 5
Tablet: Not required [GOG]
Vito Scarlett needs to break out in the city of Empire Bay and addition a notoriety for certainty. Along with a companion, Joey, they expect to merit a Mafia gathering and moving up the family chain of importance. An ever-increasing number of genuine wrongdoing mean better cash, status, yet in addition more noteworthy duty … it appears that enrollment in the pack doesn’t imply that they are sacred.
Activity pressed ongoing interaction: dynamic shootings, energizing vehicle pursues and merciless skirmish battle — you need to endure this and more to be acknowledged into the family.
Epic criminal story: propelled by notable mafia stories, fascinating characters and film topics will bring players into the charming and capricious universe of the mafia.
Intriguing world and time: meet A empire Bay — World War II is in Europe, and design, vehicles, music and garments mirror this period with staggering meticulousness. With time, the introduction of another period will come, speedsters, 1950s design and the best music of the opportunity will come.
Deception Engine ™: extraordinarily created for the game, the 2K Czech Illusion Engine permits players to find 25 square kilometers of Empire Bay — both perfectly rendered scenes and definite cleaned insides.
The soundtrack mirrors the mind-set of those occasions: players will submerge themselves in the brilliant age of the USA, and Mafia II contains melodies of the most powerful specialists of that time.
— Mafia II — Manual
— Mafia II — Vegas (DLC)
— Mafia II — Greaser (DLC)
— Mafia II — War Hero (DLC)
— Mafia II — Empire Bay Map
— Mafia II — Renegade (DLC)
— Mafia II — Made Man (DLC)
— Mafia II — Digital Deluxe Art book
— Mafia II — Joe’s Adventures (DLC)
— Mafia II — Jimmy’s Vendetta (DLC)
— Mafia II — The Betrayal Of Jimmy (DLC), (code)
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Shadow of the Tomb Raider

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Repack Size :21.0 GB.
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Distributer :Square Enix
Stage :Microsoft Windows

• OS: Windows 7/10 64 pieces
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• Graphic: Nvidia-GTX 660/GTX 1050 or AMD-Radeon HD 7770
• DirectX: Version 11
• Storage: 40 GB accessible space
Exceptional NOTES
• This repacks is Updated to The Latest Version.
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